Monday, 6 January 2014

Tamil Baby Names with First Letter A

Tamil language is one of the oldest languages in the world along with Sanskrit. We usually have the perception that Tamilians are religious and follow their sanskar and rituals. Ancient Tamil names have more than one meaning, they may sound modern but strongly rooted in their traditions and religion. For instance Mala, Maya (never ending and never dying) and Akila (eagle wood) have Tamil roots but the fact lies in their existence in Sanskrit. In Sanskrit their meanings are different from Tamil. There is a lot of interchange between Tamil and Sanskrit. Thiru is not a Tamil word, Shri has been adopted from Sanskrit which is used in Tamil names like Shri Vatsan, Shri Narayan, Sree Lata, Sree Devi and many more.

Now with the time things are also moving ahead. Instead of long names parents are adopting short and easily speaking names. At the same time parents and grandparents prefer traditional and religious names too. Here we suggest some modern and meaningful names starting with the syllable A. The A letter has been considered as the auspicious and powerful first English letter which usually comes under Krithika (Karthikai) nakshatra.

Tamil Boy Names Starting With Letter A

Boy Names
Amaran - An elder person

Anbarasan - King of love

Tamil Girl Names Starting With Letter A
Amutha - Lively
Anandi - A happy Person
Anbarasi - A kindful girl
Angayarkanni - An unmarried girl
Arumozhi - Parrot

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Picking ideal Tamil Baby Names is a Joyous Affair

The smile of a baby cannot be expressed in words as it is pure joy. A baby means a lot as it is a new world and holds great significance in the lives of parents. Your center of attention becomes the child. You weave your stories keeping the baby in mind. Your house becomes home because of the baby. Each and every activity that baby does create wonderful memories and you would love to cherish it for the rest of your life. Life becomes more meaningful and purposeful with the birth of a baby. Such is the importance of a baby that a naming ceremony is there in most of the societies to celebrate the occasion. In Tamil Nadu, naming of Tamil baby is a big joyous occasion where relatives and friends participate in the ceremony.

There are lots of baby naming books that have a comprehensive list of every possible Indian baby name including Tamil baby names. All the boy and girl names have meanings alongside so it makes choosing a name simpler. The Internet too has various baby naming sites dedicated to the Indian baby name including Tamil boy names and girl’s names. Some of the good sites apart from having a list of names and their meanings listed in alphabetical order also tell you the meanings and the roots of the name.

In the olden Tamil culture, baby names were derived from the scriptures, mythology and Shlokas. All or most of them were names of Gods and Goddesses. Virtues are rarely named but a Lata, Rama or Shoba again is very common household names even today. In Tamil Nadu, it has been observed that Natarajan or a Narayanan is the commonest Tamil name and the ending with’an’ is almost necessary. Neelakantan, Skandan, Sivan, Sharvanan are also proof enough. There are also names such as Soumya, Preetha, Prabha, Pushpa, Mala, Malini and Raji that are known as typically Tamilian. You can also find girls and boys having Goddess and God’s names that are bold in pronunciations. If you want to choose both traditional and modern names for your baby, the best thing you can do is to log on to a baby naming site and pick names according to their meaning and origin.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Choose Tamil Baby Names from a Professional Website

Tamil Nadu is a beautiful state in India that is widely known for its Dravidian traditions. You can find people of all faiths in this state. Naming of a child is give due importance by people of all faiths. The best thing about Tamil baby names is that is that names of Sanskrit origin are as popular as those of a pure Tamil pedigree. While the criteria for choosing a name to define your child have changed much with the passage of time, it isn’t hard to find some patterns in the origins, meanings and connotations of various Tamil baby names.

For a long period of time, nobody looked beyond God while naming their babies.  While the obsession of naming children after deities, mythological heroes, etc. is prevalent across the globe. It has great significance more specifically in the southern states of India. The names of Vishnu (Krishnan, Ramachandran and Parthasarathi), Murugan (Saravanan and Shakthivel), Siva (Natarajan, Mahalingam and Pasupathi) and Ganesh (Vigneshwaran and Ganapathi) have been quite popular among boys. For girls, the traditional favorites have been names like Lakshmi (Vijayalakshmi and Meenakshi) and Parvathi (Loganayaki and Bhuvaneshwari). The Tamil Christians and Muslims also named their baby keeping their traditions in mind.  But today, parents are opting for unique and trendy names. Now, the names have become shorter and more cosmopolitan – the 60s and 70s belonged to long names.

Today’s the soon-to-be parents often opt for the less common “godly” names like Hrishikesh and Mythili. Tamil Christians used to have the unique tradition of combining Hindu and Biblical names like Joshua Mahadevan and Mary Shailaja. Tamil Muslims, too, have gone beyond Muhammad and Fatima to more adorable names like Aman and Nadira. If you are a would-be parent, log onto  You can find a huge list of Tamil baby names, their meaning and roots also. Choose the name that suits you and your spouse.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

How to Find Tamil Baby Names

Finding a unique baby name is always a time-consuming task, and when it comes to Tamil baby names it becomes even more tedious owing to the length of names. But with a few organized steps, you can help yourself in finding the right names for your boy or girl. Below are some valuable tips that can be a big help.
  • First letter: Your baby has come in this world and you must have some idea about the first letter of your baby’s name. Perhaps, it is told by your priest, or you just selectas per the first letter you can collect different names with different combinations.
  • Baby Name: Now inspect the baby names as per your choice, like what type of name you are looking, and how many characters you want in your baby’s name? Any religious connection? Or family tradition?
  • Origins and Uses: Check the Geographical or ethnic origins/uses of the name that you have selected.
  • Meanings: Every name has one or more meanings, so check the different meanings of the name you are going to opt.
  • Numerology calculation: It judges what your name reveals about you. In fact, it is quite an important practice amongst Hindu, Tamil or other people.
At first glance, these steps might give you the impression of uphill task. And in same way, it is. But , when you get all these details with just a click of mouse, won’t it be cool?  Of course, it would be super cool…! The resource is online baby name websites (some people also call them baby name dictionaries) where you can get plethora of information on Tamil baby names. Right from A-to-Z baby characters, their origins, meanings to history significance, you can get everything at one place. Besides that, many websites also provide baby name list in spreadsheet format to facilitate you easily download them.

So from the next time when you need Tamil baby names with meaning, just use these mentioned tips and discover names that are socially or conventionally correct.